Life And Six Months

“Life And Six Months was an exhibition which explored themes such as temporality, mortality salience, and mark making through multiple mediums including photography, tattooing, illustration, and printmaking.”

Photography BFA Thesis Exhibition - Pratt institute 2022

Blue House By The Sea

“Blue House By The Sea was a collaborative photographic project by Logan Simons, Brooklyn Cobb, and Alec Ilstrup during March of 2019. This work explores a quaint and quiet beach town on the Oregon coast during the off-season.”

Long Shadows

“Long Shadows is a project that explores young adults and their connection to adolescence, memory and nostalgia.”

Worlds Apart

“Worlds Apart is an experiential project photographed entirely within Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York. It explores the park as an important sanctuary and a stand-in connection with nature fabricated within the urban community.”

Alec Ilstrup 2023 — Brooklyn, New York